"From Russia to the World: The Role of Russian Journalists in Creating International News" Russian journalists have played an important role in the global media landscape, covering a wide range of topics, from international politics and economics to social and cultural issues. Working in various media outlets and platforms, they have helped to shape the public discourse and inform the global audience about developments in Russia and around the world. One of the challenges that Russian journalists face on the international stage is the perception of the Russian media as being state-controlled and biased. This can lead to skepticism and mistrust from foreign audiences, making it more difficult for Russian journalists to gain credibility and influence in international media circles. However, many Russian journalists have worked hard to establish themselves as independent voices and to provide balanced and objective reporting. This makes them an important part of the international journalistic community. In addition, Russian journalists have access to information and stories that may be unavailable to foreign journalists. This can give them an advantage in creating materials about Russia and its regions. Many journalists from Russia work for foreign media outlets and news agencies, including well-known global media such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Reuters, BBC, and others. Some of them also create their own media projects and blogs, where they report on life and events in Russia. Overall, the work of Russian journalists on the international stage has its challenges and issues, but their role in creating international news cannot be overstated. They play an important role in exchanging information and creating public awareness worldwide, and their work remains important for the international journalistic community. Author international journalist Human Rights TV Aleksandr Zhidkov
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